Kilimanjaro SAR team is skilled and dedicated to providing emergency service in the most professional manner. From a mission planning to execution, our rescue team is highly trained to stay committed, no room for hesitation or error when it comes to saving lives. 

  • 5-minute response after receiving a distress call
  • Inflight medical treatment from experienced doctors
  • For further medical attention of patients handled at our High-Altitude Medicine Clinic
  • Ambulance services to patients from all KINAPA gates, hotels and lodges
  • 24hrs monitoring until the patient is stabilized
  • Patient will always be accompanied by experienced medical personnel during the medevac flight

We are dependable, flexible, skilled and safe. It is our commitment to respond quickly to all emergencies and with enhanced mission awareness.


Everything has its own chemistry by which its constituent is peculiar from the other and this defines its function through its performance. In a safe and structured manner, everybody at Kilimanjaro SAR believes that there is nothing more important than performing every job in a safe and right protocol

  • We keep it smart by making it simple
  • We exist for and believe in people
  • Never satisfied, we work towards constant improvement
  • Our genuine entrepreneurial spirit drives us
  • Together we are stronger
  • By working hard, fun is guaranteed
  • Transparent, straight-forward and open minded in all that we do