high-altitude medicine clinic

Due to the unique and specialized nature of our evacuation and patient services, we require patients to be assessed by our doctors in our Specialist High altitude Medical Clinic in Moshi. However, for less acute cases or once stable we can then arrange to transfer patients ourselves or seamlessly transfer via other fixed wing operators throughout Tanzania or Kenya or onto international carriers.

Our High-Altitude Medical Clinic is the only high-altitude medical clinic in Africa and is based in the town of Moshi less than 5mins from Moshi Airport (QSI)-Tanzania. The clinic provides basic urgent care medical services, monitoring and assessment.  We have 24/7 access to high level services, facilities and investigation modalities e.g. X-ray and laboratory services. Also access to CT in Moshi and MRI in Arusha 1-hour drive or 20minute helicopter ride away. For patients with complex medical or surgical issues or those needing longer term care or rehabilitation we currently prefer a wing to wing transfer and onward care in Nairobi or beyond as determined by our medical team and advisors.

The clinic staffed by our medical team is made up exclusively of licensed and trained doctors, all with extensive experience in mountain medicine, critical care, pre-hospital care, mountain-rescue/ski patrol and/or helicopter services. This team is made up of licensed Tanzanian doctors trained in emergency care, in mountain medicine and pre-hospital care. This team is complemented by several “volunteer” experts’ physicians brought from all over the world. These “volunteers” are in fact hand picked by our medical director and generally are expected to hold the UIAA Diploma in Mountain Medicine and/or have other experience, qualifications and expertise. These experts are there to provide continuous supervision, advice and support the local team. All have been specially selected for a subset of skills, such as HEMS or Mountain rescue/pre-hospital care.  To back this up, we have a clinical advisory team made up of global leaders in mountain and remote medicine with expertise and training across a broad range of medical and surgical specialties who are available 24/7/365 to offer advice and support on complex or unusual clinical cases.

In addition to medical services, we provide (free) basic and advanced first aid as well as training for our medical staff and local guides as well as the mountain rangers on Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru. This covers illnesses specific to Kilimanjaro and Tanzania. In addition, we offer a more advanced “Foundation in Mountain Medicine Course” (Approved/endorsed by the British and Canadian Societies of Mountain Medicine). These courses cover the medical issues and procedures appropriate to rescue and medical services on Kilimanjaro.