Because we care

Our business is built around
giving back to the community

Our CSR commitments.

We donate a percentage of the revenue from each evacuation to our charity to allow it to allocate resources and manpower to run a broad spectrum of charitable activities, where we believe they will make a sustainable and lasting change in the community we serve.
Charity Flights

Saving lives

Kilimanjaro SAR is committed to saving lives on Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Thanks to our charitable arm, his means we always rescue mountain staff including porters, cooks, guides, and park rangers for free if they are in need for immediate rescue.  Our promise is that if anyone needs immediate evacuation we do not hesitate to come and rescue them, of course post-evacuation clinical treatment offered as well. All free of charge.

Training and Certification


Once high season draws to a close,  we offer free training for mountain workers, porters, guides and park rangers in first aid and the basics of mountain medicine. In April 2018 we conducted free first aid training and CPR for 349 guides, and that’s only the beginning. In the future we will carefully select the best candidates to go on to an internationally recognised and accredited EMT training programme and certification, specifically tailored to their work on Kilimanjaro.

Caring about community

Giving back

Changing lives is part of our mission and we believe a simple act of tenderness and caring can completely change someone’s life. According a study on child poverty in Tanzania (2016) reported that poverty affects 3 out of 4 children in Tanzania.  Therefore, working with local schools and orphanages, we are also committed  to charitable activities which will empower our communities to create a better future for children living in such a vulnerable environment.

Hope for Children.

We are now supporting the Hope for Children Centre which is run by a community-based organization known as Develop All Young Communities (DYCOM) by providing them with school supplies and food. This organisation is a registered CBO at the department of Social Welfare and Community Development of the Moshi Municipal under registration number MMC/CBO/632/2016

Life become more meaningful when we devote ourselves in doing kindness and show love to people who are in need. Apart from supporting this centre, we are extending our helping hands to local schools by providing them with school books and help in building toilets for them. We believe a sustainable society is built through educating children and  giving them an opportunity to develop a solid foundation for their future well-being.

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